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EKOSTROY Technologies of the future

«EkoStroyGrupp» — a company that strives to harmoniously combined in practice concepts such as "construction" and "environmentally friendly".


We encourage people to creation, success, long and happy life.

LLC "EkoStroyGrupp" It embodies the bold and large-scale projects in the fields of industrial engineering and civil infrastructure. We create comfortable conditions for life and work in creating unique properties.

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Each project is unique and must perform their functions with maximum efficiency. By applying new design and design solutions, we bring a fresh look at the familiar building - and thus raise it to a new level.


The central idea of our work - the combination of aesthetics and functionality, practicality and innovation. So, to finally get a perfectly balanced solution. Which pleasure to use, and which in fact it proves to be effective.

Reasons why you should work with us

In fact, the reasons are many, but we decided to allocate major. We are constantly developing and expanding our horizons.

Individual approach to everybody

Compliance with deadlines

We use modern technology

We have built a lot of things!

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Our scope

«EkoStroyGroup» It is developing in different directions, and follows the trends of today. We are forming a new approach to old foundations.

Objects of social and cultural

Socially important facilities such as recreation centers, day care facilities, children's camps, sanatoriums (preventive) health care facilities, physical education and sports, all this and much more related to the social and cultural objects.

The company "EkoStroyGrupp" not only creates high-tech construction of social and cultural importance, but also contributes to the development of the region, which took place the construction of a facilities.


The team of skilled and experienced professionals "EkoStroyGrupp" will provide architectural and engineering solutions at all stages of design, from the sketch to working documents.

Professional architectural solutions - a key requirement in the construction. They include all stages of the project. Our team is attentive to the technical solutions to be used for another project before the stage,.

We are innovators in the field of construction

Each project - a work of art

We are constantly growing and developing. Happy to take on projects of any complexity, we are interested in new challenges and we are ready to provide a variety of options to address them. Whatever you can imagine - we can make a reality.

Partners our company

We cooperate with many companies, a partnership which shows the level of professionalism and effective approach to each project.

«Ekostroy» Company

Construction Technologies of the future
Moscow, 5 Lesnaja str., 13 flour
+7 (495) 181-50-97
Челябинск, ул. Машиностроителей д.21, 2-й этаж.

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